Humble Beginning...

With more than 20 years of accomplishments and growth, O Landscapes is focused on offering the highest level of care and workmanship in Landscape Construction for residential, commercial, civil and government projects. We base our operational style on open collaboration with clients to achieve the best possible outcome for every project, and this is shown through our broad client base who depend on us to deliver what they need, and more.


Our clients’ decision to work with us is based on our optimised performance and accountability practices. As an established company, we have in place structures, policies and procedures designed to meet our corporate responsibilities and are third party certified by recognised audit bodies throughout Australia. It is for this reason that our teams can understand, adhere, implement and improve on processes while demonstrating an acute ability to construct world class landscaping.


At O Landscapes, we recognize that while the end goal is important, the journey shared between our organisation and our clients is what forms the lasting relationships appreciated between management. Our team of professional Landscapers has the resolve and methodological ability to tackle intricate difficulties across all stages of project, whether is in the early stages of conceptual planning, during construction or post-construction maintenance.


Our greatest strength is our people. Our people respect what they do, thus providing outstanding workmanship. We are focused on providing stress-free service that begins from the top.

We're trusted to get the job done, right, finished on time and on budget